Tangerine Carousel Photography by Tracy Fisher

My name is Tracy and I love what I do. I started studying photography in 2013. I was always interested in photography but that interest really peaked when I was unhappy with the results from my local photo studio. I usually took my kids to the studio for birthday portraits but the images were never really what I was hoping for. Soon after my last session with them, I was gifted a hand-me-down dslr camera from a family member. I fell in love with photography from the moment I started using that camera. I was soon taking my kid's portraits myself instead of going back to the studio. Just 4 years later I decided that photography could be more than just a hobby and my journey as a professional began. 
It is my mission to make photography available to all budgets. I know how important capturing moments can be and we can't all afford to invest thousands of dollars to do so. I will always keep my fees affordable so everyone can have access to beautiful portraits to cherish for a lifetime.
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