Tips to help make the most out of your session
Arrive on time. Sessions may be booked back-to-back. Please arrive on time so you don't lose part of your session. The photographer may not be able to accommodate extra time.
Leave the sunglasses in the car. We all love sunglasses but they really can ruin a photo. They are such a common item that the photographer may not notice you have them on. It's better to not have them at all.
Transition lenses. If you are able to, please don't wear transition lenses. Opt for regular glasses or contacts instead. They almost always look like sunglasses in outdoor photos.
Don't store keys and cellphones in your pants pockets. It makes unsightly bulges.
You will receive a confirmation message the day before your session. Please respond to the message so the photographer knows you are still able to make it.
Please make sure all members of your party are fed and well rested before the session. Hungry and/or sleepy people sometimes don't make the most cooperative subjects.
Try to coordinate outfits as best you can. Go for like colors but not identical colors and try to choose colors that aren't too contrasting. Different colors in the same color family is always a good way to go. Also, stay away from overly bright colors such as neons and bright blues and pinks. The sun reflects off of these bright colors and creates color casts on the skin. Solid colors almost always look more pleasing than patterns. If you prefer patterns, go for a larger print rather than small and intricate. 
If you plan on hanging images on your walls, wear clothes to complement your home décor. Also, let the photographer know your décor style so she can style the images accordingly.
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